Podcast Recordings

On Friday we recorded the scripts the students had collaborated on in team wikis. The title of the project is “A History of Our World in 24 Objects.”

While I kept three of the teams occupied with a discussion of a list of Eleven Creative Questions, I took one team to an adjacent office I had set up as a ‘recording studio.’  I used my new, $99 Zoom H1 recorder on a tripod. It worked great once we got the proper recording level, and started being careful about not touching the tripod or this sensitive microphone.

A few of the students read in fake British accents, which was a fun emulation of the BBC, “A History of the World in 100 Objects” podcasts.

I am now in the process of editing the recordings in Garageband, adding music, etc. I became convinced Garageband was a better way to go than Audacity by the informative tutorial made by Jason Heath. I would strongly suggest watching this, as in his experience, Garageband vastly improved his workflow in producing podcasts.

I’m trying to not be a teacher-martyr, but I know I’m going to consume most of my week, getting these student podcasts edited and uploaded.

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